In our Neighborhood



On the Celestins square:

Maison Hand - La Table:

Daily, fresh and vegan food. Limited menu.


Café Terroir :

Authentic cuisine, local products


Le Carré des saveurs :

Local savory food



Within 10 minutes walk:

Le Tupin

Top traditional local food restaurant
Tél. : 04 78 42 68 84



Less than 15 minutes walking distance:

Chez Abel :

The most traditional lyonnais bouchon


Le Bouchons des filles :

  Typical local restaurant managed by two friendly ladies


Maison Marie :

Refined but not pretencious French cuisine


Casa Nobile :

Classical dishes from Sicilia. No reservation


Mojgan :

Exquisite Persian dishes


Le Passage :

Fine French menu in an elegant dining room

Tél. : 04 78 28 11 16


L'Archange :

In a cosy setting, a soothing atmosphere, a traditional French cuisine revisited by a creative Chef



And many more addresses in & outside Lyon:

Amongst the memorable gastronomical souvenirs:

- the unforgettable Giraudet's Quenelles (fish mousse sausage):

- Cold cuts of Lyon from Reynon:
- Cheeses from Cellerier or Mère Richard:

- Delicious chocolates from Dufoux:


Local Attractions

• Go down the Fourviere's Hills through its gardens to wander in the Medieval town,

Join the tourist office visits of the Traboules of old Lyon & the Croix Rousse district,

Fall in love in the Museum of Beaux Arts' convent & admire ancient fabrics at the Musée des Tissus,

Search for a treasure at Villeurbanne Sunday morning flea market from 7am to 1 pm,

Eat a "tarte au sucre" in Perouges and frogs legs at Bouligneux sur Chalaronne (Ain),

Rent a bicycle at the Bicyclette Bleue restaurant in Joyeux (Ain) & wander along the ponds & then enjoy their home specialities.

Tél. : +33(0)4 74 98 21 48

Discovering Lyon...

Bycicle rental next to the hotel


Lyon le Grand Tour

Ask a discount vouncher at the reception desk.


Lyon City Boat


Boat tour vaporetto


Museum of Confluences

The great story of mankind


Historical Center of the Resistance and Deportation

Museum of the History of World War II:


Museum of Fine Arts

Antiques, paintings, sculptures, drawings, ancient fabrics, art objects, furniture, contemporary and classical art, all periods are represented.

One of the most important art collection in France:


Museum of Contemporary Art

The museum's collection is based on works created on site, directly by the artists. It is the largest collection of in situ art ever gathered in a European museum:


Miniature Museum

Unique concept that has 2 rare exhibitions:

- Miniature decoration

- Special effects techniques


Museum of Printing

Located in the city center, Lyon's Museum of Printing is one of Europe's most important historical museums in the field of graphic arts and trade.

It contains a significant collection of books, old documents, machines and tools belonging to the history of printing and the graphic arts:


Museum of Textiles and Museum of Decorative

The best textiles from Lyon and a brilliant showroom of many other countries:


Historical Museum of Lyon

In the heart of the "old" Lyon quarter, the Gadagne mansion houses the Historical Museum of Lyon:


Lumière Institute

The Chateau Lumière, home of the Lumière brothers who invented the cinematographe, was built in 1901 near the Lumière factory. It now houses the Lumière Institute.

In this place of preservation, the Institute organizes film retrospectives and events and runs an important documentation center, making it a unique institution:


Automaton Museum

A fairy atmosphere, outside time where dreams and poetry live:


L’Atelier de Soierie

Here, "l'Atelier de Soierie" welcomes visitors and introduces them to the typical skill and "savoir-faire" of silk printing:


The Saint George Silk Industry

you can discover the handmade, weaving workshops of the XIX century and its weaving store: scarves, ties... etc:



The magnificent Théâtre des Célestins

“Created in 1792, twice damaged in fire in 1871 & 1880, the theatre keeps nevertheless its old convent charm. Célestin, an unknown monk who lived there became Pope.

Later on, the church became a theatre..." [Press here for additional information]...


Théâtre les Ateliers

Contemporary theater, the staging as the actors will astonish you in every show:


Les Subsistances

Center for artistic creation. The subistances are a place of confrontation and experimentation devoted to new languages of shows : dance, theater, new circus, music:


Popular National Theater


Théâtre de la Croix-Rousse


Théâtre du Point du Jour

Movie Theaters

Profitez de la diversité des cinémas
à proximité de l’hôtel


Pathé Cinéma




Maison de La Danse


Les Nuits de Fourvière


Auditorium Orchestre National de Lyon


Les Grands Interprètes


Opéra de Lyon


Biennale d’Art Contemporain et de la Danse de LYON


Halle Tony Garnier


Bourse du Travail

And when we can not accomdate you,
we suggest...

Hôtel Bayard** Bellecour

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